What do you want to read about? 🤔

We’ve noticed that a lot of unusual, info-driven topics, like investing in football or the FIRE movement, have proved really popular in the community and beyond. So we wanted to make use of all your collective wisdom and curiosity to inform more of what we post.

Could be a quirky head-scratcher like ‘why are gold and silver investable’ or a big topic like ‘does ethical investing pay off?’ or ‘how does dividend investing work?’

Post here what you want to know more about, we’ll collate them, poll them and get writing. :pray:


I wouldn’t mind understanding more about the history of famous indexs.

Their creation, famous crashes and their recoveries etc


Maybe something about whether blockchain technology will affect stock trading or how funds are managed in future. Or a bit off topic whether using the technology might become a regulatory feature in future to guard against dodgy accounting practises by limited companies.


I’d be interested in a brief outline of the differences between retail and institutional investing: the different data available to institutions, how investment trusts and wealth managers decide how to invest, how they get information quicker that retail investors etc.


Great ideas, all of them. Especially retail vs institutional. Keep 'em coming!

A few suggestions:

  • buy-to-let vs investing in the market
  • alternative investments vs investing in the market
  • underrated skills like practising detachment as a lot of investing is ignoring the day to day noise
  • how to build your own robo-advisor

Beyond that I like things like the meet the investors post.


Buy-to-let vs market investment is very interesting, especially for UK context.


Maybe an article about the ‘laziest’ portfolio, as in set it up and then you never need to look at it. I see a lot of new investors (some of the Freetrade demographic) concerned with short term market swings, e.g. this stock has gone up/down 5% this month, should I sell.

This could include the benefits of investing in ETFs as opposed to individual stocks and the benefits of diversification (it’s the only free meal in investing, I heard Buffet say).

Maybe with reference to something similar to this: What if You Only Invested at Market Peaks? - Bob, the world’s worst market timer

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  • Basics on factor investing
  • Mini-series of articles on factors & deep dive into each factor - size, vol, momentum, value etc.
  • Behavioural finance - decision-making, fallacies, prospect theory etc.

Coverage of most useful indicators with definitions, meaning of their values put into context etc. In addition most useful things to look for when valuating a stock, ideally with some historical examples.


Although a slightly different topic, I’d like to read more behind the scenes stuff. For example, a blog about the design rationale behind the Insights feature, and why other design decisions have been made, or why certain things are the way they are. I think would be really interesting to read and hear about what goes on to design, build, and test a new feature!


I’d like to see more educational content and less marketing.

Hey we’ve just published this piece to cover some of the indexes and their providers out there and on Freetrade. Great suggestion!


I know this doesn’t fit into what Freetrade are doing but I’d like to read about CFDs, leverage etc

I have a basic knowledge but I’d like to know more. Not because it’s something I’d do but just out of interest. Could also be good to educate people why it’s bad idea


We have written a blog post about them :mask:


Might be quite useful for new customers to outline a few methods of researching and determining wether to invest, from finding stocks to buying one.


Was looking for more detail then that, which is more of an overview

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Thanks @Freetrade_Team, really insightful :mag:

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It would be great to read about safe withdrawal rates and calculating the size of portfolio you’d need in order to sustain a given income.


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