Monday Morning Taco 🌮 VIII

Hi Folks :ocean: It’s Monday but only kind of …


Happy New year to you and yours, I hoping the 2022 will one filled with optimism and more bulls than bears. These thread focusing on 2022 predictions and resolutions are fantastic to swing past and have a read, maybe you’ll feel motivated or brave enough to share yours.

Like a block of cheddar to a IBS sufferer, these threads have become a little tricky to digest. So from this week I’ve trimmed them and combined them into one; still weekly, still full of pointless GIF’s and still useful (hopefully!)
Let me know if you like the new format or want the old one back. I can only justify writing these if you value them.

So here we go …

:page_facing_up: = Earnings Report
:moneybag: = Ex-Dividend date
:money_with_wings: = Dividend payment

Monday January 3rd

:page_facing_up: Premier African Minerals (PREM)

Tuesday January 4th

:page_facing_up: BHP Billiton (BHP)

:money_with_wings: Land Securities (LAND) 8.5p

:moneybag: Cisco (CSCO) 2.3%

Wednesday January 5th

:page_facing_up: Stellantis (STLA)

:money_with_wings: Bunzl - (BNZL) 16.2p

:money_with_wings: Tate & Lyle (TATE) 9p

:money_with_wings: Games Workshop (GAW) 35p

:moneybag: Campbells Soup (CPB) 3.4%

Thursday January 6th

:page_facing_up: Wallgreen Boots (WBA)

:moneybag: Brewin Dolphin (BRW) 3%

:moneybag: AJ Bell (AJB) 2.5%

Friday January 7th

:money_with_wings: Lock n Store (LOK) 10.7p

:money_with_wings: British Land (BLND) 10.32p

:money_with_wings: Big Yellow (BYG) 20.6p

:moneybag: Verizon (VRZ) 4.9%

:moneybag: AT&T (£T) 8.5%

:moneybag: General Mills (GIS) 3%

:moneybag: Universal (UVV) 5.7%

What have I missed this week, are there any stocks you’re excited about reporting or paying this week?

Does the 8.5% dividend from AT&T grab your attention?



Prehaps @CashCow should have invested in AJ bell


angry grumbling noises

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Thanks for the update @NeilB :blush:

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It’s a very quiet week, I kept search thinking I’ll turn up more companies, they’ve got to be here somewhere!