This weeks dividend information - The Cash Taco

Like a tortilla filled with pound coins its time for this weeks dividend wrap up! A weekly post where we take a look at all the companies who are cracking open the safe :lock: and sharing out some of the loot.


There are over 200 companies who are going ‘ex-divided’ this week but remember this date is the first date you DO NOT QUALIFY. Owning before this date is important f you want to be on the list when it comes to payment. Some of the big names coming up this week include -

IBM :computer:
Greencoat :wind_face:
Shell :shell:
BP :oil_drum:
Sainsburys :shopping_cart:
Papa Johns :pizza:
Visa :credit_card:
Exxon :oil_drum:
Walgreens Boots :adhesive_bandage:

Click the cash taco to see the full list of which stock you need to own if you want to secure a dividend this week

Money Taco

Now if you’re new to investing or just want to brush up on all the jargon :robot: used then its worth having a quick read of this piece from the :freetrade: team. If you’re reading this and thinking, maybe I need to get some dividend stock in my portfolio then @DavidK has already done some of the leg work for you.

Don’t forget that Uncle Sam :us: takes a 15% slice of all of your US dividends and if you want to protect your dividends and gains from No 11 Downing Street then an ISA might be worth a look. Click on the image below to access the promo where you’ll get a free share from £50 - £200 and if anyone asks say the community sent you :wink:

6154a763a7819dc3d534937a_ISA_Offer_V3|664x500]((Stocks and Shares ISA - Investment ISA 2021-2022 | Freetrade))

What are stocks are you waiting on this week? Comment below with your favourite CEO of the moment, are you reinvesting them in the company they came from or in another stock? Maybe they’re going towards a something else … maybe more Mexican food? :mexico:

Now for the all important matter, toppings. You’ve got your handheld Mexican food of choice but it simply isn’t complete with out …

  • Sour Cream
  • Guacamole
  • Extra Cheese
  • Jalapeños
  • Extra Salsa
  • Coleslaw

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Can you tell that it’s been a while since I had a taco? Well until next time Happy investing folks! :wave: :t_rex: :moneybag:


Many thanks @NeilB :grinning:

I don’t hold any, but one I’d be most interested in off the list is Airtel Africa £AAF. I had it on my watch list at circ 0.89 now it’s at £1.22 :woman_facepalming:


Excellent work Neil :+1: This is really handy and beats going through the Divi tracker site 1 by 1 and checking. :rofl:


Thanks @Optimisery & @Big-g

If this is well received I’ll do one every week or so. I plan to flesh it out with the payments dates due in the week too so everyone knows what to expect on their activity feeds.


Great thread :+1: I think you’re after that head of social media job afterall. Freetrade always need quality staff.




Seriously, well done! I have a few sites but the more info I can find on FT to save me switching screen the better.

I have a few coming up this week.

Octopus renewables

Few quid coming my way that’s always appreciated.


Bought a small holding of Airtel Africa … hoping the SP will drop after ex Div date today … though it’s only paying 2p per share :moneybag:


I’m wondering if this is @NeilB s ‘take home task’?

I do hope so :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Would be great to see this post each week.

I’d also be interested in regular features on upcoming IPOs and also news on definitive SPAC agreements.

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It’s actually not but to say I wouldn’t like the job would be disingenuous.

I enjoy putting these things together and making them for the community if they’re useful and people like them I’ll keeping doing them.