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Hi Folks :ocean:

Like a rolled up Persian rug jammed full of Kenyan Shillings its time for this weeks dividend wrap up! A weekly post where we take a look at all the companies who are feeling flush and making it rain.


If you want to see the full list click on the taco and away you go, for those with short attention spans these are some of the highlights -

DFS - Quick, there is a sale on! :couch_and_lamp:
LOK - Lok n Store :package:
TATE - Tate & Lyle :candy:
VOD - Vodafone :iphone:
IMB - Imperial Brands :skull_and_crossbones: :smoking:
LAND - Land Securities :house:
GAW - Games Workshop :man_mage:
DMGT - The Daily Mail Group :newspaper_roll:
BIFF - Biffa :wastebasket:
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson - Star of the weekend read from @gemma
PRU - The Prudential :man_office_worker:
WMG - Warner Music :musical_note:
EFX - Equifax :credit_card:
NOC - Northrop Grumman :airplane: :bomb:


Fun Facts

  • Marylin Monroe once worked for Radioplane who were subsumed into Northrop Grumman in the 1950โ€™s. She used to make parachutes before going to something else.

  • There is over 50,000,000 sqft of self storage space in the UK or 45 x the 02 Arena or 2090 times larger than the swanky new freetrade offices. Self a torage units donโ€™t have as many poncy coffee table books or space shuttle murals though.

  • Warner Music have some of the biggest names in music signed to the label from Ed Sheeran to Stormzy & Alvin and the chipmunks. Theodore & co have been tight lipped about the first dividend, you donโ€™t want to annoy your biggest stars.

Now if youโ€™re new to investing or just want to brush up on all the jargon then the Freetrade team have you covered with some good jargon busting guides right here.

Donโ€™t forget that Uncle Sam takes a 15% slice of all of your US dividends and if you want to protect your dividends and gains from No 11 Downing Street then an ISA might be worth a look. Click on the image below to access the promo where youโ€™ll get a free share from ยฃ50 - ยฃ200 and if anyone asks say the cash taco sent you and watch them look confused!


What are stocks are you waiting on this week? Hop into the comments below with your highlights of the week.

Weโ€™re starting to build up a picture of the :freetrade: community through deep and insightful polling. You are bunch of Avocado obsessed chilli heatwave Doritos munchers. Now there are two of you out there who picked cool original โ€ฆ you are allowed joy - you donโ€™t have to subject yourself to bland hate in a bag.



It 9:50am and youโ€™re frantically refreshing the crowdcube app on Wednesday morning what refreshment will you have at your side?

  • 1 cup of strong espresso (youโ€™ve barley slept)
  • Tea, builders - 4 sugars
  • Bottle of hard spirt in a paper bag
  • Champagne and a wry smile
  • A tall glass of Um Bingo and a wagon wheel

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None of this is investment advise, obviously, because copying me would involve making a vat of inedible butternut squash soup and still eat it because of the effort you put into it. Think on.

Happy investing, may the markets be green and dividends plentiful!