Cash Taco Tuesday V 🌮 💰 This weeks dividend info

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Like a crisp Scottish 5 pound note slipped into a moroccan rug its time for this weeks dividends, wrapped up! A weekly post where we take a look at all the companies who are feeling generous a doling out some of that sweet free cash flow.

If you want to see the full list click on the taco and away you go, for those with short attention spans these are some of the highlights -

Halfords - HFD

Blackrock - BLK

Harley Davidson - HOG

Guess? - GES

Electronic Arts - EA

MGM Resorts - MGM

Walmart - WMT

Fedex - FDX


Fun Facts

Back in 2019 @Viktor “invested a meaningful amount” in Halfords stock, are you still holding? Halfords Group (HFD) 🚵‍♀️ - Share Chat - #5 by Viktor


@Jim_Mcgrain, @mile, @ladytraderUK & @J4ipod94 all got a free Walmart share as part of the ISA promotion and now there getting its of a further 55c (less taxes) dividend. Its the gift that keeps on giving!! How are you going to be spending this windfall?


Fedex own 654 planes which is 12% of all commercial airlines flying today. Current head coach of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team is Arthur Smith, son of Fedex founder Fred Smith - all that money and couldn’t buy a win!


Last week, in honour of St Andrews day, I asked who was your favourite Scot. With all the votes counted and double checked, the top Scots are …

1st Grounds Keeper Willie
2nd @sampoullain & Billy Connelly tying for silver

I hope that it hasn’t escaped you that its Christmas (soon) in the first of a few festive polls lets talk Christmas music. Its Christmas morning, you’ve already had a few glasses of bucks fizz, the turkey has been in the oven for hours and the house smells of sprouts … grandad!! You stick on the Christmas tunes, but what comes on first

Hope you enjoyed reading, don’t forget to hit that :heart: and comment below with your thoughts - these post work best when everyone chips in. As always none of this should be considered as investment advise, obviously, because listening to a man who’s phone is filled with dumb GIF’s would be a terrible idea!

Happy investing, may the markets be green (or not very red) and dividends plentiful!


Don’t you just hate it when someone slips a Scottish bank note in your change!

Even the guy on the bill doesn’t look amused


I’ll add some other good ones:

Pfizer - 0.29 per share.
Johnson & Johnson - 0.80 per share.
Microsoft - 0.47 per share.
Airtel Africa - 0.01 per share.
IBM - 1.24 per share.
3M - 1.12 per share.

:smiley: :money_with_wings: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:


I know they say it’s real money, but is it really?


:rofl: BTW, are Scottish notes crisp? I mean these new fangled plastic notes?

(btw, @neilb thanks … for the fun)


If you haven’t checked out Macarena Christmas it’s linked above and is a bad as you’re imagining, maybe worse!

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It’s quite possibly the worst linked together piece of music in existence, I’m not sure how I feel about the introduction to this - may all your bank notes be Scottish from now on!


I sold, Neil. I think I’ll always be a growth investor at heart.


It feels like a practical joke played by the deaf community. So bad!


Just :freetrade: stock for you now then @Viktor #Soonicorn :wink:

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Because Bobby boris picket isnt just for Halloween

Monsters Christmas

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