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Power Metal Resources plc is an AIM listed metals exploration and development company seeking a large scale metal discovery.

The Company has a global portfolio of project interests including gold exploration in North America and Australia together with base metal exploration in Africa. Project interests range from early stage greenfield exploration to later stage drill ready prospects.

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I’m interested!

There is a company webinar today at 6pm. I registered for it

I have a feeling this will take a while to get listed.
Absolute random stocks get added and favoured over growth AIM stocks in my experience.

Well, adding this would be the most random of all listings. A company with no revenue and a market cap of 7 million(!!) Should be kept far away from private investors.

But when the ore comes out the ground and it multibags out its arse you’ll have wished you bought some.
Welcome to AIM junior cap mining!


Cannot. go. tits. up

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Funnily enough I was looking at this last night. It’s deffo a +1 from me. Very happy with my AIM juniors giving huge returns :money_mouth_face:


+1 from me.

Really interesting portfolio of projects. Hopefully this is next on the list of Plus micro-cap stocks!

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@Catrinel (saw your comment on penny stock thread)

Could we get this added too please :raised_hands:

Please advise when this is being added

Victor confirmed it will be added next week :slight_smile:


Drilling has now commenced in both Botswana and Canada which is great to see! I really enjoy the communication from POW and Paul Johnson, it’s refreshing from an AIM company!



That’s the third drilling campaign starting imminently on Haneti project- Tanzania

I’m most interested in the results from assays sent for review in Botswana :eyes: longer it stays at this price the better for me personally. Great top up range.

Struggling to find much info on them, does anyone fancy giving me a few pros/cons or even a paragraph on why they’ve decided to buy?

My IG post is a bit outdated but see them below for an overview. Other points:

  • PJ and the board have significant skin in the game.
  • No Debt and £2M in the bank
  • Low market cap compared to its peers
  • POW is committed to frequent newsflow
  • Victoria Goldfields is probably going to be their flagship project, it’s one of the most exciting mining post codes in the world.
  • News due soon on their Molopo Farms Complex project where they are currently drilling

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Take a look at this

PowerPoint Presentation (powermetalresources.com)

Paul Jonson is the best CEO you could have, watch a few of his interviews.

You won’t be short of info on Power Metals because no other company puts as much out there as #pow


Your welcome to actually call Paul Johnson and ask him about the business, he puts his personal mobile number on all the market announcements.

Really informative power point. They look good!

Does this get the freetrade community seal of approval? My previous 2 community backed companies are Greatland gold and bacanora so I’m expecting big things :joy:

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Its a leap of faith at this point, but its my 3rd biggest holding and Im comfortable with that

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