Lithium Americas - LAC

Lithium Americas is focused on advancing the Cauchari-Olaroz project in Jujuy, Argentina and Thacker Pass project in Nevada, USA to production. Cauchari-Olaroz is currently in construction with first production targeted by early 2021.

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I’d give a kidney to see this listed.

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I’m upping my offer to a kidney and a tonsil. It’s up x3 since the initial request by @investor1

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Lithium Americas Corp (LAC

This is about to take off. Please get this on ASAP :slight_smile:

Well i just jumped on this yesterday and to say that I’m " underwhelmed" is an understatement :grimacing::gun:

@Jakilad One for the long slow burn.

@Doubledig haha!! I’ll bare that in mind cheers

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Why does this continue to nose dive?

Maybe because @CashCow was going to invest in it?

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Ah yes I scrolled up and I’ve posted on this stock before.

My :large_blue_diamond: :cow: DIAMOND HOOVES :cow: :large_blue_diamond: have now become :skull_and_crossbones: hooves of doom :skull_and_crossbones:

Someone could probably write a script to find all the stocks I’ve posted on and then automatically short those stocks. They’d make loads.


I’ve never had any gain whatsoever from this stock since buying in :persevere::gun::flushed:

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I just saw the question from @Spudlydudly “Why does this continue to nose dive?” and saw the above comment and thought CashCow certainly knows how to doom a stock :joy:

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@Jakilad I’ve seen gain on it. It depends what you bought in at. It does seem to bounce up and down though.

Just noticed that there’s an earnings release today… Must be bad news :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: judging by the nose dive the price is doing

… This hasn’t had one green “tick” since i bought in… Go me :muscle::joy:

How much further can i let this drop before i take a loss and gtf outta dodge :thinking::scream:

I’m in the same place doh! Bought high and watched it drop​:frowning::frowning:

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@Spudlydudly. I read yesterday that they “fudged” all their figures.

I’m well down on this and… Just don’t know what to do haha!!

There again my whole portfolio is down the craper this week :joy:

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As LAC mines are not producing as of yet this one is one to be patient with, give it a year or 2 and i believe this will go through the roof

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@scaff21uk I’ve just about lost interest with them lol and seriously considering ditching my position :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Shares are up this week