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Good to be in the green again.

In the green? When did you buy in? It’s trading near all time highs!

I’m sure high was over .60, I got in at .42.

Got ya. I guess I’ve held onto it for a while now so that seemed like a brief blip. Tbh even for the people that brought in in the 60s I think their will be hay on the way.

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Spent the weekend researching Atlantic Lithium, will hopefully be opening a position on Tuesday.

I’m very much bullish on the Lithium Space and already hold a couple of positions in Lake Resources, and CleanTech Lithium.

And with the price of Lithium hitting highs on Friday I’m very sure all these investments will be considerably higher in the near future.


Does anyone know why we can’t trade this today? I know their joint listing in ASX has commenced, would that affect it? Someone else this morning was saying their limit orders were being rejected

I just went to top up and found the same. I hope there is a valid reason and it’s resolved soon as money burns a hole in my pocket so i know it will be gone before the day is out.

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Unfortunately it’s yet another stock that may have joined the club where stamp duty tax issues mean they prevent you buying any more…

Conroy Gold has had this problem for several months now without a solution in sight…

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Conroy gold i was just happy to let lie and the issue to resolve itself, but ALL was a bugger as i was ready to get some more.

I get that there can be issues now and again with certain stocks which if there was more information in a timely manner it would be helpful.

What concerns me is having no ability to sell.

While sitting every day awaiting news for some of my larger holdings, it’s starting to creep into my mind that, what if one of them ended up unable to sell and i just have to sit there watching it climb and then craah back down.

You should still be able to sell the stock.

It’s just the buying which is locked since you only pay stamp duty when buying rather than selling.

Not that it helps anyone who didn’t have a position to start with!

Not for me, even the sell button is greyed out. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Let’s hope we’ll be able to buy in today. :+1::crossed_fingers:

Ahh that sucks.

Personally I’m not currently planning on buying anymore but now that the ASX listing is live that’s probably where I’d do it anyway.

Interestingly it’s currently trading very slightly cheaper on the ASX. I wonder if that listing will end up being an indicator for price moves, given it opens a day earlier or whether it will lag the london listing…?

Obviously for news the LSE should get that first as the primary listing right?

Hopefully it goes through quickly.