Not yet on the stock market, but soon to be

They re not public as far as i can see. So not possible.

As mentioned above, this is a UK private limited company (Ltd), family owned actually, and does not trade on the stock exchange

Sorry you are right can only buy shares direct. So I’ve changed the suggestion

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It’s still good to request. The voting prior to IPO put Beyond Meat on our roadmap as well! :+1:


The initial request was not for Aramco but for a hundreds of years old small British ltd, which will probably never go public. Trev just changed the name of the whole thread.

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Well I thought about it anyway It’s not a very ethical stock to have. I don’t know how to delete it though

That’s right I would like yo delete it but can’t or don’t know how. I didn’t realise it was private investment only

Hi Trev, you can hit those three dots to find the delete option:

I think it would be interesting to leave this thread up to see how popular Aramco is in our community.

Ok will, thanks for your help I know that this company would be a big time earner but very unethical being where it is situated.

So the prospectus is out

The world’s most profitable company has published more details about its planned stock market flotation.

Article from BBC News

I’m assuming Freetrade won’t offer them to begin with…

After the flotation, Aramco will not list any more shares for six months, the prospectus says. Although one of the attractions for investors is the potential of high dividends, the document said Aramco has the right to change dividend policy without prior notice.

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Aramco :rofl::rofl::rofl:. The crown prince practically forced his family members currently under arrest to buy the shares and issued the WeWork shares as bonus (I think it was a joke someone made)

Good luck trying to pursue Aramco on any kind of fiduciary duties when it’s listed in Riyadh and still majority owned by an absolute monarch.


Some good points in this article. With the continuation of less oil usage across the globe, Aramco will have to pivot itself into new areas. Hopefully if they’re to be picked up anywhere that’ll be at a great discount. The saudis are heavily reliant on oil and I think the penny has finally dropped. Great point @john wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve just been massaging figures since their existence.

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Then the joke might be true. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: