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I’m biding my time, ready to buy the dip…but not any old dip mind, the actual dip… will my patience hold.


I’m holding mine long term. Was going to sell but they’ve got new machines operational, I know nothing but I’ll just ride the dip out.
Nothing ventured nothing gained

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Is it just me or is the graph missing this morning?

Things can be a little slow in the morning. I’ve taken to adding the things I’m watching regularly in my portfolio to Google finance and using that. I’m not trading but some useful up to date data and charting would be a massive boon to the app. It would help when making decisions to increase positions just as much as selling them in my view. Plus would be a great tool for learning more.


Yeah we’re not shown all the data as it comes in regardless of the 15min LSE delay.

For example this was down to 2.15 and 2.220 before the graph appeared.

Am on Android. On Samsung phones it’s within the Display settings. I have it on permanently rated than scheduled

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#btc still in correction sub 45k now. Presenting another opportunity perhaps tomorrow morning #adding


Apparently ARB is big enough to join ftse 250 in the next rebalance (and FT basic too I suppose) in March :ok_hand:


I’m buying the dip in the morning. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


It doesn’t look like there’ll be a decrease below 2.40 unless there’s a large sell off

This could be great news, do you remember where you saw this?

Rebalance is on the 3rd of March I believe, so only 2 days…

But I don’t know if Argo would be moved… we’ll see

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Argo would need to upgrade to a Premium Listing on the LSE to be eligible for the FTSE Indices and I’m not sure they would qualify yet on the 3 years revenue requirement (they only have 2 years of accounts on the companies house website).

Cool thanks for that, I saw it on a random twitter account but no proof they are joining, just that they are bigger than a lot of existing ftse 250 companies. Perhaps being on the Nasdaq is worth more anyway.

I would much rather it gradually tootled up 10/15p a day than the crazy spikes… but its crypto so unlikely.

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Yes I think their market cap would be big enough for FTSE 250 now if they could get a premium listing.

The maker closed at 270.00 but at 265.00 on here…


If you scroll right to the bottom of the share page on the Freetrade app it will show you what time the price was taken from. It was probably before the market close at 16:30

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