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Unbelievable info given on May 2019 it is currently at £1.10 Well done

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Hi team,

Argo Blockchain Plc has potential of growth especially with the growth & momentum of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I see this as a long term stock to hold if the trend continues, in my opinion. I see this being another $MARA but do your own due diligence.


Already on the app - discussion page here Argo Blockchain (ARB) - Share Chat

I was looking for the one traded in the US. £ARB is behind a paywall :upside_down_face:

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Fingers crossed this helps with the next leg up!

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Thanks for sharing.

anyone able to buy? my orders get rejected. thanks

Mine too

I purchased this morning without an issue

I had several rejected yesterday but eventually went through on my ‘last’ try. Trading on this one is pretty volatile atm I would assume.

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why the big drop guys

because it was pumped to an astronomic price by hype and now people are taking profits


What’s their business model? What I found by quickly using google is that they’re essentially a crypto mining company and nothing more, right?

So just a collection of GPU rigs?