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Whats going on with Argo you can’t buy shares

Shares suspended

Somebody made £140k profit on these shares last year from memory and was asking how to sell it all at the peak. Hope they got out in time.

Here’s another one at 100k profit planning to get out just before the top:

Hope they all managed to get some money out.

  • CZ behaviour vs FTX (that he was interested at all in FTX is a red flag, they they basically organised a run on another exchange’s token as another red flag).
  • The constant protestations that they definitely have enough collateral including point in time audits
  • The still far too high price of Bitcoin vs its true use-value
  • The fact they print and manipulate their own coins (Binance Coin etc) and probably list them as high value assets when they are worthless
  • The ‘$1 billion’ USD fund for companies in trouble in the crypto space ( sign of desperation hoping to save the ecosystem they depend on).

Bitfinex/Tether and Binance are just variations on the same scams FTX was pulling and I expect them to be exposed by the waning interest in cryptocurrencies and falling prices. There really isn’t much money in running a proper legal exchange, but what they’re doing is something else entirely - taking in good money and issuing bad money (various pumped coins).

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Rumour is that Argo is preparing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection within the US.

Glad I got out when I did. It’s a shame there’s no teeth in financial crime investigations these days.


Peter Wall? Hmmmmm.

Looks like i will lose the £20 i had left in it ontop of the £100 that i was down by,

Speculative bet so in rhis case it was a bit of a gamble on my part

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Slightly better news if anyone is hanging on by their fingernails like me!:crazy_face:

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Lol. If I was in an aircraft and it was soaring like this I’d be praying. The huge jump has revived my position from -97% to minus 92%. :money_mouth_face: Monte Carlo here I come.


Now that BTC is chomping at 19k’s heels, we can now let this birdie fly!!! Averaged down from £2.08 to 0.35p thanks to the December scare. I hope others took advantage of this also as i see 60p on the horizon and then finally some profit to take.

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*update - £21k

$dollars :slight_smile:

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It’s freeeee …
Free faaaalling …


What’s peoples views on a new CEO?

I’ve also been trying to find out if they are now back on track and not looking to sell helios, anyone with an update?

Very great buy right now!

Care to add some insight into why you think this?

There will be more engagement on the forums if people share their thoughts and opinons.


Argo mines bitcoin…bitcoin price is high at the moment so the share price is likely to go up if bitcoin price does. Argo Hit 30p in January on the back of the bitcoin ETF hype. This stock is super volatile so probably not a great long term investment but fun to trade short term for sure.