ARMOUR Residential REIT (ARR)

monthly Div yield 12.24%
18.62 USD

Ticker Symbol ARR, listed on the NYSE.

Double digit, monthly paying residential REIT.

Current price 9.44$, sitting low on its 52 week range.

The current price might be a good entry point for the long term holder.

Funds from operations are going well, something that can’t be said for all REITs.

(REIT in ISA please :wink: )

Is this the same …I am bit confuse .
On free trade is aurora, but everywhere is armour resident REIT…

ARR on the app is a different stock which doesn’t have it’s own stock discussion page for some reason and links here.

Armour Residential seems like it was on the app at some point but isn’t anymore, not sure why though

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