Asia Dragon Trust plc (formerly Edinburgh Dragon Trust plc)

Sudden rename, can it be updated in the freetrade app please? I actually can’t see the old ticker LON:EFM in the app anymore at time of posting.

Also, for the community… Should we speculate why they did it? I think maybe there was confusion over it having Edinburgh on the title but it was Asian stocks.

Edit: on app now, but missing historical data

No transparency from the fund, even first google result speculating.

We woke this morning to annual results from Asia Dragon Trust – which was a bit confusing as it is not a fund we have ever heard of – turns out that Edinburgh Dragon’s board decided to change the name of the trust with immediate effect – the ticker becomes DGN. Given that this is one of the largest and oldest trusts investing in Asia, the decision to change the name seems a bit odd but, then again, the “Edinburgh” referred to Edinburgh Fund Managers – long since departed and putting Asia in the name helps clarify what it does.
New name for Edinburgh Dragon - QuotedData


The trust is also rebranding as the Asia Dragon Trust and stepping up marketing efforts to target individual investors, a press release said.

Makes sense I guess. The first time I came across the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, I thought no way do I want to invest in mortgages in Scotland :man_facepalming:

All week my Google finance sheet hasn’t worked because of this change :man_facepalming: