Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust plc EWI

This trust targets smaller entrepreneurial companies in markets worldwide, that offer potential long-term growth for investors.


The chart in the app for this fund doesn’t make sense - can you check if there is an issue with this one?

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There was a 1:5 stock split.

They’ve properly updated other stock splits, this seems like one that was missed @sampoullain?


Douglas Brodie, investment manager of the Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust, reflects on the past year, gives some insight into the current positioning of the portfolio and sheds some light on what could be some exciting opportunities in the future.


Transcript https://insight.bailliegifford.com/videos/2021/q1/edinburgh-worldwide-investment-trust-agm-ind-we-1876/?transcript=true


Kepler Spring Conference
Wednesday 3rd March 2021: 1600-1645
Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust - Douglas Brodie
password: Edinburgh


Why does Freetrade charge 0.20% more fee plus transaction costs vs the official charge of the fund? (0.92% vs 0.72%)

Have a look at the key Information document

Thanks for that. I went to their website where they quote 0.72% but can see in the investor document the figures that Freetrade mirror. Thank you :+1:

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The management fee is just one part of the cost. Admin costs, costs of borrowing (gearing) and transaction costs are all added on

@sampoullain Could we kindly please ask for the stock chart to be updated to recognise the stock split here? It has rendered the stock chart useless. Soon it’s going to be a year since the stock split and it may become a bit embarassing that it hasn’t been updated yet.

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Freetrade have said that they cannot update data after a share split at the moment but the engineers are working on it

I’ve given them a list of quite a lot of stocks but haven’t seen any work for over a month

Tesla and Apple are fine. Maybe it’s a manual process?

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Yep. Definitely seen some smaller stocks that seem to have been updated for stock split corporate action.

I have raised this with the admins - let’s see if they can correct it.

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