BMO Global Smaller Companies plc BGSC

This investment trust gives access to UK-listed smaller companies with the aim of providing capital growth. This trust may use gearing.

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One of my long term holdings with recent strong performance, see here citywire

There are hardly any smaller companies trusts or ETFs (I know of) out there which have a quality/ income focus. For more growth my remaining smaller companies allocation is with Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI). These two seem to make a good team.



What happened to this trust’s share price? It went from 13 gbp to 1.7 gbp and never came back. Did they dilute their shares?

Stock split. 10 to 1. Could have been googled.



i did but my google got nothing after 15 mins. nothing on Fool etali.

Everything can be googled, but we can get different results that Google/Bing think we should get. I’ve seen it happen often when I use same search terms on my work PC compared with my mobile.