Oryx international growth fund

Investment trust
Not available?
In the UK smaller companies
Excellent growth on 15% discount.
Want to replace BlackRock throgmorton with this.

Welcome. Iโ€™d also like to see OIG added.

Itโ€™s worth noting you can get some exposure through NAS โ€“ another trust managed by Chris Mills/Harwood Capital, which is more of a fund of funds and has about 13% in OIG.

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I would prefer to buy it on here. No rush though as I see it as a purchase for post crisis. Huge amount of silly prices in the market to take advantage of.

Anyone else like to contribute a like?
How do they get round to picking companies to add?
Do they do it in job lots or individually?

FT tends to add stocks in batches although we havenโ€™t had one in a while. The number of votes plays a part, along with things like liquidity, so itโ€™s a shame OIG is not more popular.

I will probably sell out of black rock smaller companies in my sipp pity.
Need to get in before the overly large discount disappears. Also need less dividends shares for next year.
I am selling out of some smaller companies which are at a loss buying those that are recovering quicker. They appear to be ones that have fallen the farthest. Which are those that are in the high growth smaller companies as opposed to the growth ones. Easy to distinguish. No or relatively small dividends. Montanaro European small. Is looking particular good. It has 25% in the growth capital of Europe. Sweden.
Also reducing size of portfolio.

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