TM CRUX European Special Situations Fund - OEIC

Please can we add this ETF?

Its the only one to receive 5 stars on the Wealth Shortlist Funds that are liked by 3 or more of their rivals.

Would be great to have the rest of this list available also

Why is this an attractive investment in your view?

I still have research to do but…

Initially my interest was piqued as it was the only 5 star in the screenshot I had attached. Given the whole drama with Woodcock, they seem a lot more selective around who to include.

After seeing that I reviewed their holdings and it would really diversify my current portfolio. A lot of good looking companies that are not substantially covered in my other ETFs. I’m lacking in the Europeam department.

On initial research it seems a good longer term investment that focuses more on small to medium sized companies (with some decent larger ones to back it up) that have a relatively good yield.

In short, seemed to be getting some good reviews, I liked how it diversified my portfolio and initial research was positive

Have you looked into it before/what were your thoughts?

Based on about 10 minutes of flicking through their website, it looks reasonable if you want exposure to supposedly undervalued European companies, but I’d probably just go for a bog standard European ETF by Vanguard or someone like that. The OCF are quite high at 0.9%.

Also, reading through the documents it says the minimum investment is £1000and I couldn’t find a KID, so I wonder if FT are even able to add it?

I have the Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe exc UK in my watch list. I do monthly installments and covering mainland Europe is my next objective.

If there’s no KID then I think that’s the end of that.

Appreciate the feedback though, thanks for taking a look at it.

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This is a unit trust, not an ETF, and so is not currently available for addition to the Freetrade universe.