Vanguard LifeStrategy 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100

Would be great to see more vanguard on here, and these ones in particular.

Pretty sure all Life Strategy funds by Vanguard are currently OEICs and have no exchange traded variants.

Therefore you won’t be seeing these on Freetrade, sorry

You’ll need to head to someone who offer unitised funds. II, HL etc…

Or you could replicate it yourself if you’re so inclined.

Most Vanguard LS invest in other Vanguard funds. So, for arguments sake with a bit of liberal maths, if you bought : 20% FTSE all share ETF, 20% US ETF, 20% Vanguard Developed World ETF and fill the rest with Bond ETFs and a few emerging market ETFs according to risk and time horizons you be in “very approximately” the same place.


Thanks for the info.
I probably wont’ try to replicate.
tbh these are longer term plays anyway, they’re more for my SIPP (with HL).
For my ISA, free trade pretty much covers everything.