Best non-freetrade SIPP?

Howdy all.

I’ve got my current SIPP with Freetrade, but since they don’t so employer contributions (yet), I need to look for another SIPP provider.

I’m looking for:

  • Low fees
  • Low/free exit fees :wink:
  • A UI/experience that doesn’t cause me to want to stab myself in the eye with a fork

I may decide to:

  • Transfer my new SIPP over to Freetrade at some point (as Freetrade do support transfers?)
  • Transfer my Freetrade SIPP over to the new SIPP provider (hopefully unlikely)

No shade on Freetrade, but I now need to look for options until they support Employer Contributions.

Anyone got any good experiences outside of Freetrade?

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No issues with vanguard, and I believe HL is supposed to be good. Fees aren’t bad if you take a little care in selection of your investments


As Eden alluded to it depends on what is your portfolio made up of: Shares, ETFs, ITs or Active Funds?

Vanguard meets everything you’re looking for
HL probably comes in second if you only choose OEIC Funds
Unfortunately if you want to add Stocks to your SIPP then it gets costly. Check HL, AJ Bell or ii to see which works out best for you

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I’ve opened an account with Vanguard, the fees are cheap, and I’m ok with some of their selections. On the plus side, the UX is much cleaner than Fidelity, which is where I had my pension before Freetrade.

I’ll see how I get on with Vanguard, may transfer my JISA there as well.

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@crebbo Interactive investor’s SIPP fees are 0 for 6 months after that flat 10.00. That may tide you over. Meets all your stated criteria.

Looks like you still need to pay the £9.99 a month service fee, and a SIPP is a £10 a month add on (which they’re waving for 6 months).

Will have a deeper look anyway, thanks for the heads up.

You are 100% right @crebbo. You still have to pay the 9.99 fee but don’t forget you get your JISA with that too. You get one trade free per month. Also a regular investment has no charge (e.g. you decide on £50 a month on stock X … no trading fee … I think you can do that for a certain number of stocks per month - I don’t recall what the limit is.)

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@crebbo I have just learnt that you can have only a SIPP and nothing else. II call it the “Pension Builder plan” £12.99 pm. So if you are not interested in the investment account and the ISA/JISA you don’t need to have them and you can save accordingly.

The Pension Builder plan is only available to customers who hold just a SIPP account.

I just wanted to flag that VG used to only allow employer contributions if you’re a company director and pay by card. That may have changed since I held an account though.