SIPP Provider


I am thinking to move my stakeholder pension to SIPP. I think it will take some time for free trade to offer that.

So any recommendation which provider is suitable?
For me key will be

  • Coverage of stocks, markets
  • Access to various instruments (E.g. bonds)

Given this is pension account and each trade will be decent size, any suggestions & key comparisons covering fees?

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Check out the broker comparison table or interactive comarison tool at Monevator.

Freetrade isnโ€™t on there yet - think the chaps who run the blog are waiting to try the app out themselves.


It will, although just to mention, SIPPs are on our roadmap here.

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Is there a rough timeline for SIPPs? I cant wait for that to be added.


Iโ€™ve recently transferred all my previous employer pensions to a SIPP with AJ Bell and theyโ€™re proving to be a great platform that meets both your requirements and theyโ€™re very reasonable on the fees side of things too :grinning: :+1:

Agreed, AJ Bell are pretty good. I have my pension with them.

It would be great though if Freetrade could team up with a proper SIPP provider and allow regular tradings count to be held inside it as trustee investment until their own SIPP is ready. Would probably need ยฃ100k minimum or something to make the SIPP fees not unviable. This would rule me out, but still it would be good.