Occidental Petroleum (OXY)

Please add OXY: Occidental Petroleum.

That’ll turn up as soon as the new platform is ready to go.

In the mean time the finki-super-search-platform-thingy shows it’s available for free or “cheap” across many other platforms right now. So buy there if you want access faster.


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This is pretty cool.
Does it cover all markets?
Do you have some data on which platform is adding more over time.

Thanks. I thought it would be useful - so built it pretty quickly. It’s not publicly released yet tho!
It "could"cover all markets. I’ve coded it right now to lean towards UK and US - but it can find other markets if you enter a unique (say, ISIN) identifier. I plan to build it out to cover all markets, all securities. But UK and US first as that’s where the demand lies. I also plan to add many other platforms/brokers/start-ups as they come to market. I just need the time!
No data gathered about “who adds what and when” as I mostly “live” search each platform by hacking any exposed APi they have or revert to scraping or revert to a database I build over time but only update infrequently. It works well enough for now. Hopefully I push it out soon and add more brokers as the requests come in and crush bugs as more people find them!

Looks good, the more information we have about money, in all aspects, the better. Can you do one for government expenditure? Lol

Sure thing. And the Pension Dashboard whilst I’m at it! :wink:

Would be great if you could add filter for ISA, I see that not all ETFs and shares are available for ISA.

I can do ‘something’
Isa for ETFs is fairly straight forward : US = No, Non-Us + Kiid = Yes
Shares a bit tougher based on exact market and share type (adr etc…)

I did not know, US ETFs are not allowed in ISAs. Is that some regulation? I was planning to look ofr ISAs with US ETFs :frowning:

US ETFs shouldn’t be traded at all in Europe due to none (probably none) producing KIIDs. That alone restricts their sale… therefore can’t go in any wrapper… were they to produce a KIID they would mostly be allowed if on a recognise exchange, daily traded etc etc

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Last year, Berkshire H. did a $10B deal with Occidental Petroleum consisting of preferred stocks at 8% yield and warrants with right to buy 80M shares at $62.50 to help with the acquisition of Anandarko Petroleum.

Today OXY crashed 50%.

$13 per share now.

It’ll be interesting what they do with this company.



Reminds me of this gif…

Occidental Petroleum

Just knocked about 90% off their dividend.

Think they’ll be a fatality if the oil war goes on too long.

Most likely we will get a war in middle east to support oil industry.