[Request] Oryx International Growth Fund (OIG)

Oryx International Growth Fund (OIG) is a closed-ended investment company which holds a long-term portfolio of public and private small and midcap equities mostly in the UK.

Although it’s no guarantee of future success, OIG is – by far – the best-performing investment trust in the AIC’s UK small-cap sector over the past decade.

I’m keen to add a touch of home bias to my portfolio by opening a small position in a UK trust. Having read its latest annual report, OIG’s among the frontrunners but, unfortunately, it’s not on the platform.

While it has a marketcap of nearly £200m, I note that the volume’s relatively low at about 2,000. Is that too thin for Freetrade’s tastes? Does anyone know what the threshold is?

It may be that I go with one of THRG, HSL, JMI, BRSC or IPU anyway, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to request OIG while I’m coming to a decision.