Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust BGEU

This investment trust invests in shares in companies from across Europe. Most assets are in listed firms, though some are unlisted.

BG European Growth AGM update

Stephen Paice, investment manager of the Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust plc, gives an update on investment philosophy, performance, portfolio positioning and outlook.

The dramatic fall in share price on 29.01.2021was due to a strategic split.

Since the trust had performed well and proved to be popular BG decided to split every share into 10. For instance if someone owned 1 share, after the split, they owned 10 at no extra cost and the total value unchanged.

This has been done so that more investors can join the trust as they expect more future growth.

Just checked this out. Looks like a really interesting fund. Do you happen to know if the charges listed on Freetrade are correct? 0% ongoing and 0% transaction costs? Surely too good to be true…

Beyond what is presented on Freetrade (only stamp duty which is 0.5%), there are no further purchase fees. then there is an ongoing charge of 0.41%.

More info here: Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust | Baillie Gifford | Individual Investors

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Have a look at the trusts actual website as FT data isn’t always reliable. It’s also important to consider the premium/discount to fair value which you can find on their website but also on sites like Trustnet

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Do the charts get adjusted after the stock split?

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They ought to but they sometimes miss this. I.e JMG chart still not fixed

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I’ve been meaning to contact support but haven’t at the moment as its minor in the grand scheme of things.

there is a bug thread though you can add any broken charts to Some Bugs that need fixing 🐛

I’m having issues with this stock, been trying to sell my shares but keep getting rejected so how do I get my money back