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This medically focussed real estate investment company invests in and develops GP surgeries and primary care buildings across the UK.

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Good morning Folks, Just been keeping an eye on this. Any thoughts / insight on putting money into this?

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Greetings @MZain Assura just paid a dividend.
The company is listed on the FTSE 250
‘Earnings are forecast to grow 11.74% per year.
Average dividend payer with acceptable track record’ ~ SimplyWallSt.

Cheers Sir. :grin:

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Anyone know why this is just continually dropping?



Just rcvd a small dividend on my Assura shares and on the certificate it says 11p was withheld (20%)for tax.

I thought in an ISA you do not pay tax on any dividends, I only have a small amount in my portfolio so just wondered if anyone can advise



It’s because it’s a REIT - if you look in app at the bottom of the description it says FT will reclaim and reimburse the tax within 30-60 days.


Hi Ian,

I noticed this, too, with some disappointment, as I’m used to REITs’ PIDs (Property Income Distribution) and/or dividends being paid gross in an ISA (Halifax and possibly others in past), without me having to pay it any attention or wait for tax reclaims.

Freetrade’s treatment suggests either they presumably hold both ISA & non-ISA holdings together, so cannot have them paid gross, or haven’t competed the form to have them paid gross for ISA holdings, which would clearly be much more efficient than having to reclaim them each time. I suspect the former.

I guess this is one of the downsides of using a cheap brokerage service, along with having to wait three days for dividends in the first place (I am used to receiving them by the end of the day the company pays them) and waiting for cash from sales to settle before being able to reinvest or transfer from GIA to ISA, as I’ve discovered…

My receipt of income from distributions and sales isn’t too time critical, fortunately, for my investment style, so just a small irritation.

For more information on Assura’s dividend payments, see:

As they suggest on that page, Assura sometimes pay out as regular dividends, rather than PID, as during 2021-22 under:

Best Regards.

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