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Yeah pretty much answered. 0.241917 shares will be awarded to your account (could take a while) per share of AT&T share you own.
Your AT&T shares will have dropped slightly in price to account for the sale of part of the business.
The new company, Warner Bros Discovery, looks the be at around $24 at the moment and there isnt any reason why you cant sell immediately if you wish.
Due to the loss of revenue for AT&T after the spin off, they have reduced the dividend. Just something to bare in mind if that was a reason for purchase.

Anyone received theres yet?

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No I haven’t yet? Starting to get concerned.

If no one has received them then I wouldn’t be too worried. They will need some time to allocate the shares.
If you haven’t received them by the time other users have, then it might be good to contact support, but for now I think they just need a bit more time.


These things take time, AT&T need to send them to the nominee company (who hold your shares) who need to them work out the fractions, send this information to Freetrade who need to action it.

The stock market moves far slower than you’d imagine looking at the graph updating for each trade.


The new shares have been allocated on another platform (E-toro :-1:) according to their community chats. I would imagine it wont be too much longer. However another update from @freetrade would be appreciated.


Dont panic there. I have my watchful eye :eye: all over it! :blush::+1:t3:

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I still haven’t received them :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The warner discovery stock is on freetrade so I guess it shouldn’t take too much longer for the shares to come through for $T share holders :crossed_fingers:


I’ve had my new shares allocated this morning

Me too :ok_hand:t2:

Not sure I want to keep them though. Think they’re going to come under huge pressure and the streaming wars gets bloody.

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I’m of the same opinion, I’ve already sold mine :joy:

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A diagram unintentionally demonstrating how feeble US antitrust law has become.



Has anyone had their 1st august dividend yet please?

Yes, mine received on T212

i like that, what goes around goes around :slight_smile:

This stock is on my radar. Any thoughts on its current position ? looking a slow burn hold for 5 years plus.