[Request] Telenor - TELNY [OTC]

What do you guys think of Telenor as a business? It one of few telecommunications company and can see massive growth if the management can pull it off.

The company itself is slowly is having a stronger international presence, although the road hasn’t been smooth. The stock goes up and down and growth is more within the dividends (or so I read) it a stock that not really performing but the protental is there but only if the management make good decisions.

while i havent researched this like it was going to be one of my own i can see it has had bad recent results and high debt levels

on the plus side underlying assets appear to have potential upside - i do like infrastructure :slight_smile:

a negative for me would also be that is it majority owned by the government in norway

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Hi @tobywhaymand welcome to the community :ocean:

I’ve updated the title and changed it to a stock request as it isn’t on the app.

Currently, OTC stocks are traded directly through market makers and are not listed on exchanges like NYSE/NASDAQ. This can lead to higher volatility & higher risk as the companies don’t have to abide buy the rules of the exchange like reporting standards.

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Its primary listing is on the OSE (Oslo stock exchange) and perhaps in a general Freetrade European roll out this stock could easily come into the Freetrade stock universe.


I have three investments that I don’t worry about. You know they will just keep growing and eventually spilt. They are (Drum roll)… JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson - US market (Not their UK stocks) and the S&P500.

With Telenor, the shares are not performing as I would like. The business feels like they are trying to reach the honey pot but their fingers aren’t quite long enough.

My long term investments I want to be strong players that can recover quickly during down turns, hence why I picked those three stocks and only top up those three using Freetrade

Telenor I can see what they are trying to do, and they could grow, but I want to be more confident. I keep Telenor seperate from my big three investments.

Telecommunications as rule has been doing badly. BT I have no confidence, AT&T have made too many self-destructive decisions. Telenor are operating in growing countries but never seems to actually grow significantly in these markets, it like I said, they are not quite reaching in the honeypot.

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It was it connecting with the government that attracted me to it. Underline stability. The government will always rescue it.