MEGATHREAD: European stocks 🇪🇺

Is there any update on the addition of some European stocks to the universe?
Nestle, UBS, L’Oreal, LVMH, STM, Rothschild & Co, Carlsburg, Heineken etc.

They’re across various exchanges, but could you provide a bit of info on the timeline for this?


@Freetrade_Team1 is there any info on this? Some big companies here :slight_smile:

We’d need to do some engineering work in order to enable European stocks & we have a few other things on our priority list too so we probably won’t add EU stocks in the short term. Keep an eye on our roadmap for updates :eyes:


Does it fall under expanded stock universe or European expansion? I assume the former.

Yes we won’t have to wait for European expansion to add EU stocks.



Any update on the timescale for European stocks to be added? The roadmap has it as Medium Term ( 3 - 6 months ). I’m holding quite a few just waiting for a new :freetrade: home.


Are there plans to gain access to european stocks in near future?

LVMH is on my wishlist.

I think will would be better if investors are able to invest in high quality stocks that are on European market and other markets. I think for the short term FreeTrade maybe able to add in the 30 of the The German exchange for example and then add further stocks later. I think this is better than having more small cap Bio tech stocks added to freetrade.


I’d be super interested in this.

I’d really like to get in on Volkswagen and Vodafone’s upcoming Vantage Towers IPO.

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Yeah… if you could add esprinet (PRT.MI) that would be fantastic.

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This would go hand in hand with FT’s European expansion too


Im surprise this hasnt been talk about. Trading 212 has a lot more choices in regards to European market investments.

Be nice to get a comment for this from the FT members.


I’d love Freetrade to list Vantage Towers. Their IPO will enable Vodafone to clear its debt and monetise their phone masts. This will definitely be a positive for Vodafone.

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Interesting IPO! But your comment reads like Vodafone gets all the positives, so why not invest in Vodafone?!

I already do

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Thanks for putting this one on my radar. It sounds like a short sighted idea for Vodafone but a great money maker for shareholders of Vantage Towers!

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Merged a few other threads on European stocks into this new megathread, so all discussion around European stocks is in one place.

As you may know, we’re working on this at the moment and we’ll let you know when we have more of an update.

Let us know which European stocks you’re looking forward to!


Stocks within exchanges inside the EU bloc? Or Europe in general? Thinking of Mosco Exchange, Iceland Exchange & Armenian exchange as the larger exchanges not within the EU? The latter two being part of nasdaq nordic which is HQd in Sweden, and of course many other exchanges around Europe. Are we looking at a specific scope? Euonext? euronext and nasdaq nordic? Or European continent?

I noticed on the FCA page passporting for Gibraltar… GSX access?

Ørsted !! Give me some of that sweet wind power!!


Which exchanges are you looking to include first?

I’d be happy with some German health/tech midcaps e.g. Carl Zeiss or siemens healthineers.

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