EU stocks, expansion and CF

September should be a huge month for Freetrade, when can we get some dates and details?? :grin:

Based on previous communication we are expecting EU stocks, expansion and crowdfunding to happen this month…

We’ve seen some movement in EU stocks from the recent T&C update, but still no date or official announcement.

Expansion doesn’t seem any closer, especially as the French team member has left and not been replaced (to my knowledge) and the Swedish operational team is still being assembled.

Crowdfunding campaign we are left guessing when this will be, waiting for 1M users makes sense to me but it would be good to hear the strategy!

Updates please :wave:


Still waiting for updates :wave:

Last year the target was Europe end of 2020, now it’s September 2021 and we are none the wiser if there will be an EU launch this year.


Sam announced the crowdfunding wouldn’t be this month. The schools of thought from that thread are

  • Waiting for 1,000,000 users
  • Waiting for EU expansion which has been delayed (FT are building their own platform for this and Adam has hinted a some improvements will come alongside like National Declaration & Shareholder voting)
  • Negotiating with a big name VC.

A fourth one:

  • All of the above

Would be great to see some community engagement from FT indeed.

Don’t remember a period when it was so quite on FT’s side and I have been on the forum for a while…


I like to think the less they speak the less they can break any promises :joy:


Maybe they are working on growing the business by improving the product and expanding to new markets, and preparing a joint CF VC funding round

I don’t think there’s much to say other than:
a) we’re on it, completely focused on it
b) it’s done, here it is… the moment we were all waiting for

How often should they repeat a) till it gets boring?! Let them do their thing while we focus on ours: read and interpret financial statements of the companies we want to invest in


maybe they are negotiating a sale to Robinhood or Paypal…

Goldman or JP Morgan should scoop FT & Monzo for £15bn - it would make me happy!

Well surely that’s a given. Otherwise we are all in trouble :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it’s much to ask for an update after you publicly set targets (with an overly enthusiastic community) and then fail to meet them several times over.

The things they are trying to do are not easy, but a quick update to your investors & community is well, easy!


I would like more updates too, the AMA was only a few months ago. As they ramp up towards shipping the EU expansion they should be laser focused.

Right now they’d only say “we’re working to bring you the best product we can, the right product is more important that rushing”

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This is why I say they shouldn’t talk more :joy: I’ve always been taught to make sure you deliver on time no matter what and best not to say you will do something unless your 100% you will do it in the time mentioned.

As they have said they will do things in certain time windows then an update if they won’t make that deadline should be posted but surely that is what Sam did recently.

How was that in any way an update on EU stocks or expansion?

With regards to the ‘several times over’ I’m just being factual. The plans have been pushed back multiple times.

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So you want them to come here and say what you already know? They’re in a no win situation in your scenario.

My mistake I thought he had done a brief update recently but forgot it was the funding which people had linked to EU expansion as apparently both will do raises at the same time. :+1: The rest of my comment actually agreed with you. I don’t get why a company would say they would do something and then not complete in time as it is terrible PR/trust. “Right first time” should be almost always kept to and not multiple delays.

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Any meaningful update would be great.

The only reason people are getting restless this time is because of the lack of communication.


Raul, your points make total sense.

Think people pitching FT to the EU based audience should wait till more of the official news come out

To give you some local perspective. Trade Republic has been investing heavily in social media marketing in France. They have a similar low cost investing positioning as FT.

Hope the news come out soon enough to capitalize to the max on early adopters


I think Freetrade won’t be late to the party even if expansion to EU countries is delayed to 2022, because of the combined power of crowdfunding and word of mouth.

Having said this I personally want the EU expansion to be a thing of the past. I would’ve liked to have seen it already.

I reckon the doors have not been opened yet mainly due to the time it takes to obtain the licences from the regulators.

And now the possibility to open new countries after achieving 1M users in the origin country seems to present it self… I think this possibility has an invaluable, priceless symbolic value and should not be wasted.

Like everyone else I can’t wait to know about it to the point of feeling restless at times, but I also think management must keep their mouth shut till the moment they announce it and make it official.

As for Trade Republic I wish them well and hope they are successful in their business ventures for I believe competition is the best for retail users.


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