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This company is an American self-driving vehicle technology company. It is known for developing the Aurora Driver, a computer system that can be integrated into cars for autonomous driving and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Mountain View, California. It combined with Reinvent Technology Partners Y in November 2021.

Has anyone got any insight $AUR please

Aurora Innovation was founded by Chris Urmson, a former chief engineer of Googleโ€™s self-driving car development project Waymo.

In December 2020 Uber sold its own self-driving tech unit, Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), to Aurora and invested $400 million in the company and currently has a 46.8% stake in the company.

Last week Amazon announced it has a 5.2% stake in the company, coming after Toyota which has a 7.4% stake.


Need to look more into this company but why so low whrn theirs so many big stakeholders in this