Aurora Acquisition Corp - AURC - Share chat

This company is a blank check firm focused on acquiring media and technology companies.

Prof Scott Galloway from the podcast Pivot keeps evangelising about - which this SPAC is merging with. Does anyone know much about about?

They acquired UK based

Looks like the CEO has an ‘interesting’ management style.

If he felt ‘terrible’ letting 900 staff go over a 3-minute zoom call, I imagine he feels worse now.

We can only hope he is showing the appropriate amount of respect and appreciation by not being paid during his “time off.” No doubt he will be well compensated.

Looks like the SPAC merger has been been delayed. One to put in my “wouldn’t touch with a barge pole” category me thinks.

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Things haven’t improved for

Sources told TechCrunch that a list containing the names of some people who would be let go in a layoff scheduled for Friday, August 26, was leaked internally on Tuesday, August 23.