Dpcm Capital Inc - XPOA - Share Chat

Has anyone looked into this recently? SPAC targeting a North-American based business with an enterprise value of $1-2 billion. CEO is Emil Michael. Former Chief Business Officer of Uber (company that Pishevar was an early investor in). Brings a ton of experience to the table. Recent video featuring Shervin Pishevar and Josh Giegel about Hyperloop. Josh is the CTO of Virgin Hyperloop.
Important to note for XPOA - The directors/special advisors have a small amount of shares. This means they can deal with any company they own without entering into a trade where they would deal in both ends. Peter Diamandis, for example (co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop) has 45k. Can we get this added FT asap!

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Take a look at this, realise the potential and get it added please FT before we miss the train!

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