Thoma Bravo Advantage - TBA - Share Chat

This is a special purpose acquisition vehicle (SPAC) that focuses on merging with one or more businesses.


Seems like current lawsuit action may have helped to reduce the price of this Spac slightly. But not enough for me to be interested just now.
Does anyone have additional information about this SPAC?

Interesting SPAC.

They did not offer units and offered straight commons instead. Share price went to $12.75 on first day of trading.

One of the top 3 teams out there, similar to Altimeter, Dragoneer and IPOB-F SPACs. Shares may be expensive but look at Altimeter (AGC) at $15, that’s just too high mate. My personal opinion is you can’t go wrong with this one long term and this is a buying opportunity.

Please do your own research.

Seems to be one of the best companies out there at acquisitions and then streamlining businesses. Think Richard Gere in pretty women. Take over the company, loads of redundancies and then make more money. Be interesting how they handle a SPAC. I’m in with Small investment to see what happens. DYOR.