[Request] Spring Valley Acquisition Corp

SPAC focused on acquiring a $1B+ enterprise value company in the sustainability/ESG industry. Through additional research, this has been narrowed down to services/tech in renewable energy, power, energy storage, transportation. Led by an experienced team of clean/renewable energy executives. While the management team is diverse, there is definitely a common theme among them - clean/alternative fuels (hydrogen/biofuels) mobility, fuel cells, energy storage, and mobility technologies. Debora Frodl was previously GE’s global alternative fuels leader and led the charge to decarbonize the commercial fleet industry and is on the board of directors for XL Fleet $XL a former sustainability/ESG SPAC.

@Viktor Any update on this being added? Confirmed that AeroFarms, world leader in indoor vertical farming, will merge with Spring Valley so would be great to get in early. Please add,


Please add asap!


Bump… not sure what gets more attention but please also request via Request New Instruments ✋

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