[Request] Aura Renewable Acquisitions (LSE:ARA) Spac

I’d like to see this one added please.

Wow that’s tiny! What do you think they can do with such a small SPAC?

Not sure you’ll get it with a wide spread if it stays like that.

Size isn’t everything, or so i’ve been told many a time.

I only want in because i like the name. Aura, is about as close to Areola as i’m likely to find seeing as i already have some shares in Ariana


Can £1.5m even buy one wind turbine!?

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Only smaller ones apparently :smiley:
A 1MW turbine seems to be around 1-1.5m £.

SPACs like this should be seen as a scam rather than an investment opportunity.

So one Turbine would be a good start though right? :smile:

But listening to the podcast I thought it sounded interesting. If it gets added I’ll be down for some shares, but if not then I’ll live, but it will be interesting to see where it goes.