Downing Street renewables.

Compared to others in the renewables sector a low dividend and discount 5.3% and 20% discount to NAV.

Fairly new (2years). Still have cash available (worth checking). A good time to still have some cash available.
Big into Swedish hydro. Run of the river with reservoir backup. Buying off the larger firms in Sweden who want rid of there smaller hydro. Buying on 8% return adding another 1.5% via upgrade of hardware and software.
Lots of land around each hydro power station and obviously already linked to grid. Thinking of adding battery for extra returns done cheaper than other companies.
Alas a bit small which may result in a wind down or merger.

Looks like a longer term bet. Interview on quotedata.

Go on vote for it. I will vote for any old shite if you vote for mine. Bought GCP infrastructure as it wasn’t available. 11.5% dividend and 45% discount but see DORE as longer term and much lower risk with or without the battery added.

Hello anyone there?
No votes?
This is the bees knees of environmentaly friendly, surely there is some tree huggers out there who would vote for it?!

Thankyou whoever that was who voted for DORE

Na im good

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More please.