Greencoat UK 💨 - UKW

Greencoat UK Wind invests in on and offshore wind farms. They aim to increase dividends in line with the RPI while preserving capital.

Read more about them here.

They’re interesting because the dividend yield has been around 5.5%, dividends have always been well covered by profits, and dividends have increased every year.

It also seems to be one of the few exclusively wind investments out there.

It’s in FTSE 250 too

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The substantial majority of the portfolio will be operating UK wind farm projects (predominantly with a capacity over 10MW). The portfolio will be invested in both onshore and offshore wind farms, with the amount invested in offshore wind farms being capped at 40% of GAV at acquisition. The Company intends to retain exposure to UK power prices through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that avoid fixing the price of power.

Looking out for this one. really good ethos behind their investments and in a sector, which should only be growing each year now as the UK phases out Coal…

Do they have anything I can read about their ethos, like a manifesto?

This should be added to freetrade over the next few weeks as their now adding 25 new uk stocks each week. I’ve been looking for this to be added so hopefully it’s on the list.

This has been added now.

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Looks like one of the better to invest in of the new 25 stocks :+1:t3:

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Link to costs and charges show 404 page :face_with_monocle:

The company’s website

A decent, brief blog post on UKW.L diy investor (uk): Greencoat UK Wind - Portfolio Addition

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Unfortunately that’s indeed the case due to a technical issue! We’re aware, and we’ll handle it on Monday.

Annoyingly we all missed the ex-dividend date by a week, but I think I’ll be adding this to my portfolio as it looks like a good SRI addition.


Actually, I just checked the fees and they’re 2.03%. oof!
TRIG, at 1.6% is abnormally high for me, but I think I’ll add more to TRIG rather than UKW.

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Fees are showing incorrectly at the moment.

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Thanks for raising this! We get our costs and charges info from a data provider so I have contacted them to clarify :+1:


The fees for this are absurd, why wouldn’t anyone invest in this when you can get similar exposure via direct company investments or low cost index? Why is Greencoat special enough to charge absurdly high fees?

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The fees are very high indeed. Which companies or index would you invest in to get exposure to wind power?

TRIG is a good one thus far. Fees are high, but returns have been okay-ish. Nothing too exciting to write home about, but it has a nice divi, and was 20% up yoy if I recall correctly.

Any more opinions on this now it’s been on freetrade for a while? I’m going to make my first investments soon and was thinking about putting a little in here but it has been dropping over the last few weeks.

On the one hand I can see how renewable energy will have to rise significantly over the coming years but on the other I know it’s not always that efficient and I’m not sure it will be fully backed by the current government. The dividends are tempting but obviously the long term price of the stock is my main concern.

TRIG is an interesting one too, but also fallen recently.

I had both and sold both. I think the fees are killers for both of these funds.

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