Green Energy Stocks on Freetrade

What are some of the most promising green stocks that people are aware of on Freetrade? I see this area as one of the most promising going forward and I’d like to make some investments if there are some viable options.

Thank you.


Hi there, you can read more about a few of them on this blog:

And also search for words like ‘energy’ and ‘renewable’ on the app. We may add more categories on the app in future, e.g. renewables.


About 6 weeks back I bought the following:

iShares Global Clean Energy
Impax Environmental
ITM Power
Greencoat Wind

Others on my watch list but not invested in:

Bluefield Solar
Foresight Solar
SSE (becoming more green over time)


Thanks folks. I’ll look in to all of those. I recently sold some SSE stocks, but I would certainly consider getting back in.

There’s a good blog here from someone who has switched to a “green” portfolio.


I signed up for freetrade specifically for green investments, but I’ve now also put some money into other areas.

I’d be interested in hearing wether people like Shell and BP’s green credentials, or wether it’s just greenwashing. For example, Shell have an impressive electric charging network but have not moved away from fossils, in fact investing more in fossils recently.

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@Maxdev I think Shell is doing better than BP, but am very skeptical that any fossil fuel co is doing much more than greenwashing if you compare their investment going into renewables/low carbon to that going into innovative fossil fuel extraction. But I don’t have any of the numbers or references to hand, so let’s call it my feeling.

For the investor, one consideration is whether you think there’s a risk that carbon-intense assets (like fossil fuels) very suddenly collapse in value as climate change bites further. I think that risk is real and growing, but how to invest for it is less clear to me. I’d probably like to buy a VWRL-minus-carbon etf.


FWIW I think both Shell and BP are serious about diversifying their offerings - they’d be crazy not to anyway. I don’t see a cliff edge situation with the use of oil as there are too many uses of oil and its products that we don’t have viable alternatives for at the moment - there is still a long way to go!

So I actually think that the combination of green energy companies and some of the more diversified oil companies is actually a good mix. Nor do I see that as a contradiction with green principles.


From what i hear BP are more inclined into going green than shell is. Shell reduced their funding in greener energy this year and BP CEO has just come out with their desire to go green after the slump

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My portfolio has TRIG as my green energy investment. seems like they are in a good position

By comparison I think shell have committed to matching emissions with tree planting and investment, and those companies are on the website. If you use their app when you buy fuel they purchase an equivalent. I don’t think BP have this yet, but they probably have made commitments like most fuel providers. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Here’s a list of green stocks on Freeshare today. I’m dubious about the utility companies for same reason as with Shell above. Also Yellow Cake is a uranium company which means you have to weigh up for yourself if nuclear is a green fuel after all the mining and transport costs. And explosions, accidents etc.

ITM £ITM clean hydrogen refining
CERES £CWR Clean energy technology
POLAR TECHNOLOGY £PCT technology trust
BEYOND MEAT $BYND laboratory grown meat
GREENCOAT £UKW Green energy trust
BLUEFIELD £BSIF solar investments
FIRST SOLAR $FSLR solar technology
CONTOUR GLOBAL £GLO power plants with renewables
NEXTERA *also uses fossils clean energy utility
DUKE ENERGY $DUK *power utility with renewables *
ENPHASE $ENPH clean energy technology
EXELON $EXC nuclear power utility with renewables
DRAX £DRX clean energy utility
SOLAR EDGE $SEDG solar technology
PLUG POWER $PLUG hydrogen fuel cell technology **IOS forklift game ‎Forklift Faceoff on the App Store **
YELLOW CAKE £YCA nuclear/uranium
SSE £SSE Scottish renewable power utility


Iberdrola are big on ‘Green’ these days if you can wait for European stocks.

SSE :eyes:


I would definitely look at sustainability oriented themes, since you are already In that direction anyway. Not only green energy.

To add to list of single names from above:
Bacanora, ticker BCN, and Albermarle, ticker ALB, (they are a lithium miner, so think exposure to battery market)

Or go with ETFs, which is easier
Global Clean Power, ticker INRG
Global Water, ticker IH2O

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I’ve edited the list. Hopefully it’s better now!


Can you take Drax off the list! Although Drax has converted all or nearly of its combustion units to biomass I’m still pretty certain that they shouldn’t be considered clean energy.

By the time you’ve shipped biomass across the Atlantic and factored in the non-CO2 emissions from burning biomass (dust and NOx) it isn’t looking so clean!


The National Grid keep pushing biomass as being green. I’d agree with you, it’s absolutely not. will always be my favourite site for seeing how the grid is being powered.

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I know what you mean but they are claiming green credentials themselves, so you have to weigh up. Same as Shell or lithium mining, there is a case to argue

The NG are using the Uk Govt’s categorisation for biomass.

I agree on the wider point about “green” investment choices - I would and have invested in some oil companies for a variety of reasons (partly attractive opportunity and partly we will need oil for a lot of things that we don’t have good alternatives for yet). That doesn’t mean I would consider them as a particularly green though I do think Shell and BP make some effort.

On Drax - it used to be the largest point source of CO2 in the UK (and one of the largest in the EU). Switching to biomass may have had the impact of reducing the co2 that counts for emissions trading but it doesn’t reduce the amount of CO2 generated and may have made the combustion less efficient and increased other pollutants. From a CO2 perspective biomass is considered as a renewable fuel (which has some logic in that short rotation crops take in CO2 as they grow and emit as they are burned - in theory a rough equilibrium which is mostly thrown out by having to ship from the USA). The bigger issues for me are that there are lots of pollutants which may well have increased and cause direct health issues plus there are many cleaner ways of generating electricity!

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DRAX :eyes:

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