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They should add a green subsection on Freetrade!


We’ve asked several times :cry:


What a lovely surprise

I just work my way through Freetrade searching for words like wind, solar, energy, renewable, hydrogen, power, etc and adding anything promising to my watchlist.

I’m sure it’s not a perfect method though.

That isn’t quite correct about guaranteed prices - it is true to a point for some renewable energy and low carbon (ie new nuclear) but not for gas/oil/coal etc.

There are a few different support schemes that work in different ways - some were guaranteed min prices eg Hinckley C and others were more market based eg the renewables obligation. But I haven’t really done much work on the UK energy market for the last few years so I haven’t kept up with what the latest support scheme is.

I did one in the other renewables thread

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It is down to the freemarket on the new offshore windfarm contracts. The government leases out the offshore land to the generator and agrees a megawatt hourly rate with the generator with acceptance of the lowest auction bid as long as the overall tender is compliant.

The agreed contract prices a few years ago were in the region of £100 per MW/hr that’s now down to £40MW/hr (This was below wholesale gas and coal mw/hr prices meaning the price is not subsidised) so in the last 10 years the price has more than halved. Also if the generator sells electricity to the wholesale market above there agreed MW/hr price the additional revenue is returned to consumers lowering the average electricity bill. The cost, complexity and risk in bringing these projects from initial feasibility to generators connected to the grid is costily and would not be economically viable on too cheap to meter basis.

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I’m amazed with the possibility


What an amazing article, wonderful that we have so many smart people out there working on this groundbreaking stuff

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The traditional industry giants of Germany and Detroit, such as Volkswagen and General Motors Co., must be hugely frustrated by the market’s favoring of Elon Musk and his upstart peers. Tesla has impressive software and battery technology, but others know how to build a decent electric vehicle now.



I’ve got some lines here from a Bloomberg article called - U.K. Renewable Power Set For a $27 Billion Investment Boost…

The U.K. government plans to double the amount of renewable power supported by the country’s
main subsidy mechanism and create a new structure that will bolster a variety of technologies, speeding up a wave of new investment.

The next round of the contracts for difference system will clear the way for as much as 12 gigawatts of new green power capacity across three different technologies, according to a statement from the U.K.’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. That’s up from 5.8 gigawatts that won contracts last year, an advance that will help the government deliver on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to cut emissions.

Offshore wind is central to that plan, with the government aiming to quadruple capacity to 40 gigawatts by 2030. The new expanded auction round could drive more than 20 billion pounds ($26.7 billion) of investment, according to industry group RenewableUK.

The separate pots could be welcomed both by onshore and offshore wind developers, whose projects are still more expensive than those on land. Some major developers of wind farms at sea, including Iberdrola SA, Orsted A/S and Vattenfall AB are expected to bid in the next round.


Link to the article, if anyone has access to Bloomberg. U.K. Renewable Power Set For a $27 Billion Investment Boost - Bloomberg

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This would be remarkable

“Concrete batteries could allow buildings to store energy | Construction Enquirer News” Concrete batteries could allow buildings to store energy | Construction Enquirer News

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