Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings II and III (IPOB/IPOC) - Share Chat

I’d like to request Chamath Palihapitiya’s two newest IPO holding companies IPOB and IPOC, if possible:

Some background below:

Cheers :beer:

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We’ve also added another SPAC:


Great stuff :+1:. Bit of an offtopic but the following just crossed my mind: would SPACs be a good topic for a weekend read/blog post (why all the talk at the moment / stocks vs. warrants / relevance for freetrade users)? Just throwing it out there :wink:.


:+1: echoing the above, would be awesome to see! :slight_smile:

Looks like our prayers have been heard:



Anyone else having issues buying these since yesterday?

Opendoor merging with IPOB.

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I’m starting to wonder what IPOC will merge with.

Their prospectus says Ex-US Tech focused, with the fund worth just below $1 billion that leaves a lot of attractive targets. More so if the underwriters exercise their options and/or they’re willing to accept a minority / not 100% stake.

(Pure speculation), but I wonder if it could end up being Monzo/Starling or similar.

I would speculate the shortlist of possible targets is not that big considering amount of cash in SPAC. I wouldn’t see him acquiring a majority position. But there are some good Europe based companies that would tick a lot of the boxes including many of the fintechs.

I like that whilst he’s uber bullish on tech he’s lead the PIPE on companies that sell physical goods like Desktop Metals and MP Materials.

I’d love to see IPOC merge with Graphcore.

Yeah, a fintech was my first thoughts for IPOC too - In a video I watched of Chamath a few weeks ago, he spoke of the investment targets being somewhat mature so that market risk has been removed and that the risk associated is more exectution risk.

I was thinking Revolut may be more of a possibility than Monzo/Starling given the more global nature.

I suspect Revolut’s valuation is a bit too high, unless Chamath is willing to take only a small stake.


Chamath’s new SPAC. If I was to bet on anyone I’d probably bet on him.

“The Company is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, amalgamation, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The Company intends to focus on businesses in the technology industries primarily located outside the United States.”

The stock price is at an all-time low. What do we think, is it an opportunity?

I’m tempted, but I don’t know enough about the US health insurance industry.

Really great potential. Going to be volatile next few years but long term this could be huge.

Don’t know if this is the right thread for this but app pointed me here, so here I am

IPOE merging with Social Finance. The money train rolls on. :slight_smile:


Why am I not seeing this within my FT app anymore?

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They merged

  • IPOB should be OpenDoor
  • IPOC should be Clover Health

Actually scratch that. I can see OpenDoor but I can’t find Clover Health in the search. Although it still shows in my Portfolio view…


Thanks! And no, I can’t see Clover either

I just checked for you and Clover seems to have disappeared for me too - I sold my IPOC but not appearing in the search