Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. - IPOA.U

Risky one, but interesting nonetheless…

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings is a partnership between the investment firms of Social Capital and Hedosophia. Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings unites technologists, entrepreneurs and technology-oriented investors around a shared vision of identifying and investing in innovative and agile technology companies.

We believe the future success of the capital markets for technology companies is dependent on new company formation, the sustainability of robust private market funding and an increased willingness of private technology companies to become publicly-traded and therefore become available to a broader universe of investors who can benefit from their disruption and growth. Our mission is to create an alternative path to a traditional IPO for disruptive and agile technology companies to achieve their long-term objectives and overcome key deterrents to becoming public.

Just heard Richard Branson virgin galactic is looking to go public with ipoa holding 49% this will be an interesting stock by end of 2019, would love to request this stock the first space company to go public

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Here is a very good Twitter thread from Ark

@Freetrade_Team1 can you link this to the Space ETF thread?

Big opportunity to bet on space, can we have this added

I’m sure we’ll add this stock, although possibly not straight away. Here’s our plan for stock additions at the moment: New stocks!

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