New stocks!

As you may know we’re working on the investment platform. One huge benefit once it’s out is that we’ll be able to add thousands more stocks.

For the moment though, we want to give a quick update on stock additions until the platform launches to help you direct your requests to where they’ll make maximum impact.

  • London Stock Exchange main market stocks - request away, we can add these with ease

  • AIM stocks - generally, we’re not going to add more except for unique examples with high market cap, liquidity and audience relevance (like Draper Esprit)

  • UK ETFs and investment trusts - we’re hoping to bring on more soon but aren’t adding more right now

  • REITs - we can’t add right now

  • Big US IPOs - we’ll try to add them as soon as we can

  • US stocks - feel free to request but you might have to wait for the investment platform

  • US ETFs - like every UK stockbroker we can’t add these due to current UK/EU regulations around Key Investor Information Documents