New stocks in the app 15/02/19

Fever Tree, ASOS and Boohoo!


Bonus points for bad scrubs smack down.


Guys when are you planning on adding more stocks in the US universe ?
I currently only have 3 stocks in the app because the other which I want to purchase are simply not in the app.
There are some stocks which I want to buy because they are currently in my target price, but I cannot and I might be forced to use another broker to purchase them which I really dont want to do.


Hi team

Will we be getting some new stocks added tomorrow?

I’m waiting to pounce on a particular company and I am really hoping that it will be added tomorrow.


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We won’t be adding more this week I’m afraid but we will next week so hopefully it’s the one you want! :crossed_fingers:

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I’d be very keen to see more AIM stocks added. They tend to offer the greatest potential for quick gains (and therefore losses, I know), which is precisely where Freetrade’s model excels. That is, it enables you to take advantage of sharp market movements, even with small positions, as there are no transaction fees to swallow up the gains. I would really encourage Freetrade to open up the AIM market to investors.

Boohoo is part of my portfolio now. :+1:

Given Freetrade’s aim seems to be enabling users to engage in near frictionless investment with a long-term aim, I’m not entirely sure the AIM market fits. I do, however, suspect that we might eventually see it added.

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That’s a shame. If I want to invest for the long term, I’ll use one of the existing investment platforms, which have the entire stock universe already available. After all, a small transaction fee for a five-year investment is insignificant and has little bearing on returns. A fee-free model lends itself to frequent trading, so stock availability is paramount.

I think for serious investors with a lot of capital to park then you’re probably right. I think FT is really looking at people new to investing who can maybe put in a bit of cash each month, looking to beat the small % interest offered on the high street.

I have some interest in AIM but at the same time don’t feel I yet have enough capital to expose myself to that level of risk. FT fits my needs perfectly: low-barrier to entry. I’m happy to trade that off with the few stocks they hold as I know they’re adding more and more.

If you want to really play the market then FT might not be the app for you.

It’s not insignificant if you’re looking to buy a particular share with less than a grands worth of funds. Even at a grand you’re looking at 1% of the bug and 1% of the sell in transaction fees. If someone that has never had the opportunity to invest before, starts now with maybe £300 a month, freetrade now enables them to potentially buy 10 different stocks without any transaction fees and without having to buy an etf or fund.

Conversely you could say that if you want to play the market an app with no dealing fees is perfect.

You could but it’s worth remembering that we’re building an app for long term investors, rather than frequent traders.


Devil’s advocate :wink:

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Yes but my wider point is the trade off is a very limited selection of S&S to pick from, no AIM etc. That’s all without mentioning CFDs and the rest. I’m happy with FT’s offerings but some people looking to try their hand as Jordan Belfort might be better off looking elsewhere.

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Also remember this is a startup, less than a year in. Since the plan is to build their own tech stack for the investment platform they will at that stage have a much more competitive spread of stock/fund options.