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This is very interesting indeed.

Delighted to see Chamath’s involvement too.

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Bringing Chamath into the business is huge. Also the valuation relative to the markets seems extremely reasonable.

I requested Chamath’s Social Capital in February, which will take a 49% holding.

Where’s the best place to currently buy this stock? Ticker: IPOA.U

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I was about to ask the same question.
I asked a month back and didn’t get a reply.
When is Social Capital Hedosophia coming to Freetrade? Stock is at a good price currently.

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Here’s our plan for stock additions at the moment: New stocks! - #98

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The company’s shareholders have approved a merger, announced earlier this year, with Chamath Palihapitiya’s special Social Capital Hedosophia holding company, which will take effect Friday, followed by a debut on the NYSE for the newly merged public entity on Monday.

@engineer We need galactic security analysis from now on, global just won’t cut it :joy:


Take the 1% population and a fraction of that would be its customers?

USD 0.25 million/person :negative_squared_cross_mark: 603 customers in waiting :arrow_right: about USD 150 million so far in total revenue. With 6 passengers per boat, that’s around 100 full flights.

  • Scalability :woman_shrugging:
  • Prop tech :white_check_mark:
  • Recurring revenue :woman_shrugging:
  • Flywheel effect :woman_shrugging:
  • Network effect :woman_shrugging:
  • Pricing power :white_check_mark:

Valued at USD 1.5 billion, says CNBC.

Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft can carry six passengers and two pilots to the edge of space. The spaceship is dropped from a jet-powered aircraft and fires a rocket motor, reaching over three times the speed of sound as it climbs though Earth’s atmosphere. The spacecraft and its passengers then float weightless for a few minutes, before gliding back down to land on Earth much like a traditional aircraft.

A ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight goes for about $250,000 per person, and the company has a list of 603 customers waiting to fly.


City to city travel in 1 hour or less by SpaceX looks more scalable:

Just wondering if we will be able to buy Virgin Galactic SPCE any time soon? They will go public next week on NYSE. In my opinion will be a great opportunity to invest space travel with a company with over 600 people on waiting list.


Yes i’m quite interested in this as a long term speculative punt (“growth stock”).

Certainly space travel has always seemed like tech of the future. Now that we’re at the edge of it becoming more of a regular thing who knows how and what ways this tech will grow and develop.

I also like that it seems to be a functioning business already through bookings/deposits paid for retail flights and signs of commercial use with a flight booked by the Italian Airforce.

Hey, we will add them but it’ll be a little while longer.

More info on this post:

I’m very interested in this stock too :rocket:

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Up 15% today :eyes::chart_with_upwards_trend:


Morgan Stanley predicting the stock to eventually triple in value with the technologies developed for space travel to be used by Virgin airlines to disrupt the airline industry with use of hypersonic travel.

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Request to add Virgin Galatic to Freetrade as it’s now listed on the NYSE and would give us a pathway with the first publicly listed space venture.

Note: It just became available via Revolut but their trading feature is rather lax!


Richard Branson is going to space in 2020

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Here we go :wink: but I had to buy shares using Revolut for now so let’s see where this rollercoaster ends.


Any updates here

Please add this ASAP!