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Please add them!

Unfortunately Simmi waiting a month you could pay double? The momentum seems to be kicking in now. Don’t get me wrong Freetrade is a great platform but don’t understand why so many stocks are delayed with being available even after about 6 months from first request? If this continues investors will just move to another platform who can service there requests. Good luck and hope you get your price on this stock. Here is current price and up 7%. Think there are broker forecasts of around $20 ish on this stock. :ok_hand:t2:


I agree I’ve been waiting ages as well. I hope that the silence from the team means they are working behind the scenes getting what Viktor said is coming out to users. Calm before the storm I hope :crossed_fingers:

@anon810895 ye I’m hoping the announcement is that they’re able to add stocks within a week or 2 compared to as Investor1 said stocks being requested months ago

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I assume it’s got something to do with the invest rollout. Maybe it’s a duplication of work to list for both platforms?

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The thing that I hate is yesterday I posted on the NIO / Volkswagen and on this board about another platform that you can purchase the stock you guys have requested, I was doing this to be helpful towards other investors and my post got removed by staff under the spam banner? Thought competition was healthy?


Don’t like the sound of that :grimacing:

Yeah. But what you were doing is blunt advertising for competitors. On multiple threads the same post. Sorry mate, that seems clear to me.


Fyi I’ve flagged that as off topic.

Because you’re now derailing the thread.

I bought 5 share on IPO day, but this had a massive fall at one stage I was down 43% or soo, n today I see 13% up.


This is a genuine concern for me. If Virgin galactic had been available from IPO on this platform I’d have definitely bought in and would have earnt money. I love Freetrade, it has got me into investing but as I learn more and read more I feel like I’m wanting more, and that means access to more stocks and IPOs!!


I really wanted to get in on the IPO too. I hope SPCE is part of the new package coming to Freetrade this or next week with thousands more stocks available, before SPCE gets too expensive.

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I’ve done the same and I’m glad you mentioned that other trading platform. I thought I was going to miss out on the early gains for SPCE but have managed to buy some on the aforementioned platform and pick up 15% gains this week.

It’s also turned out to be a good early choice for me on the Freetrade stock prediction league.


Still no sign of SPCE in the app, why? It’s been months.

I and many others have requested other very well known, up and coming stocks 6+ months ago and despite many votes on these posts still no sign of them being added.

What is Freetrade doing about this snail pace?

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I’m sure it will be coming with the next batch of US stocks once invest is rolled out.

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I’d love to be able to add this to my portfolio. PLEASE FREETRADE!


Is coronavirus causing demand for space flight that people want to get out of the planet… (next generation’s theme for speculating on stocks) :joy:

$18 (premarket)


Hahaha Beyond Virus :rofl:

Surprised that this has not been added after six month or so, especially given the demand.

I requested some obscure stocks on a rival platform and they were added within a week.


Why is this not here yet? :fearful:

Happy it helped you :slight_smile: mate, so far it’s a good option and I’m hoping it’ll hit its 60$ bull run value during this year.

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