Astra Space Inc πŸš€ πŸ›° - ASTR

HOL - As soon as possible!

SPAC which will take Astra (rocket company) public.

Undervalued company when compared to Virgin Galactic.

Needs to be added asap as spiked up today near $18, Astra - startup rocket company, potential for huge gains.

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Guys @Freetrade_Team and @Viktor please make dreams come true.

We have requested this stock from our US execution partner earlier this week, will do our best!



Sammmmm your a legend man

What you mean Tuesday when it rocketed 51%, better late than never!

HOL - Holicity Inc. Please add to the platform.

Sam you beautiful human being any update from the US broker?

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Any update? :eyes:

Take me to the moon pls. Anytime soon?

Any update?

Add please

Keen on this as well, any updates?

SPAC that will be merging with Astra (rocket company)

Yay - super excited to see Astra go public! Although it looks like the share price is already :rocket: :chart_with_upwards_trend: - Might have to wait for it to simmer down a little.

Why has this gone down so much!!?


Still going down almost by 50% from $15.47. How :thinking: much lower is it going ?

Yeah it’s gone bad. Still early stages though, be interesting to see where it is in two years or so. Sold most of mine but will keep 15 just incase in rockets.