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Rocket Lab USA (RKLB) is now listed on Nasdaq after a successful merger. Previously, was under VACQ Vector Acquisition however the ticker has now changed to RKLB. Would be great to get another launch company on FT.

Any problems accessing RKLB as VACQ in the app. Only shows VAQC which is not the same? I was under the impression VACQ would automatically have ticker renamed?

I was thinking the VACQ ticker would automatically change over to RKLB, but apparently VACQ no longer exists on FT. Putting the request here now unless anything changes.

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RKLB is now on FT

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Super excited by this stock, my friend says its available on 212 so hopefully this can be added to the app relatively quickly.

Would like to see this too, the sooner the better.

This would be a great one to see!

Rocketlab (VACQ) is the 2nd most successful rocket launch provider after spaceX. IPO has just been released and we are missing out of some good gains :frowning:

Agreed, the space market has so much potential. Have they release an actual IPO date?

So keen for catching this one asap

People are predicting Summer (Q2 2021) this year but don’t think anything has been confirmed as of yet

Yes! would like this added too

Would love a piece of this stock as it is certainly the future!
I’m guessing it is not as simple as copy paste to add new stock for FT as it would be a massive improvement to get these kind added quickly.

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Please add vector Acquisition as soon as possible. Could make a good addition to an isa.

Please add this, would love to invest in it :heart_eyes:

Pretty please with a cherry on top

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It seems they’re reluctant to add stocks that are low market cap, so they will likely add this stock once it doubles and reaches 1b market cap. However, they’re able to add hundreds of stocks that nobody asked for…

This is now live on your app :rocket:

And a warm welcome to the forum, @MrKunle, @wander_in @MKHito :wave:


VACQ’s price is back down in the region of $11, so near its IPO price if anyone feels they missed out earlier on.

I’m bullish on this (long-term) and on the space industry in general. Rocket Lab are a super innovative vertically integrated company using 3D metal printing for their engines, carbon-fibre composites, exploring helicopter recovery etc.

That’s not to mention the recently teased Neuron rocket (with propulsive landing) which sits somewhere between the Electron and Space X’s Falcon 9 to scoop up a share of the growing trend towards smaller satellites/payloads. They also have lofty ambitions for a lunar landing and diversifying from just being a launch provider.