Social Capital $IPOD, $IPOE & $IPOF

Social Capitals’s $IPOD, $IPOE & $IPOF starts trading today.

Can we get these today?

Hi Justin :wave:,
We are looking at adding them as soon as possible.


Do we have a timeline on this? It’s almost been 2 weeks…

We need to wait a few weeks until the units separate into shares and warrants. Bear with us a little more. We’ll get them online for you as soon as physically possible.


Any update on these?

Would be great to be able to invest in Chamath’s SPAC’s before he announces the merger acquisitions. They are appearing on other UK platforms to buy but I really want to keep everything in freetrade. Appreciate you’re doing your best to get them up.


Looks like Nov 30 is floating around as when the common shares will possibly be available. Would be great to get these asap on freetrade :pray:


Request to add the rest of the Social Capital family primarily the symbols below;


I noticed the Social Capital founder only talks about these 4 nowadays so likely best we tap into those pushes whilst $IPOA and $IPOB are a little less quieter than usual :+1:t4:

That’s because IPOA merged with Virgin Galactic last year and IPOB has already announced a merger with Opendoor.

We have this one.

We’re prepared to add the others as soon as the unit splits into stocks and warrant.


checking this weekend $IPOE and $IPOF have been onboarded but not $IPOD

I believe we should see $IPOD soon, seems to be an issue with the FT US partner who they are “educating” :smile:

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Chamath is about to release a one pager investment thesis on twitter which some are speculating could be an IPOD announcement.

Would like to see the next 3 Chamath SPACs added to the app :+1:


These on there except IPOE

IPOE is on there, I think IPOD is missing though?

Indeed. We are educating our US partner to bring it to you. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


$IPOD is here :headphones:


IPOE halted for trading pending news, I hear Chamath is on CNBC apparently tonight :money_mouth_face:

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