Automated watchlist creator (for TradingView 📈)

Hi all,

I created a tool that will allow you to download a watchlist in CSV format of all of Freetrade’s current stocks.

Personally, I use this to import it into TradingView where I perform my Technical Analysis.

The tool takes the latest of the Freetrade universe every-time you load the page. Click download, open a TradingView watchlist and import the file.

I’m very happy to share it as it’s made my analysis much easier, especially when looking for new ideas.



This is a very good idea.

Maybe a nice to have different links depending on if the share is an ETF or by different exchanges.

This is only a personal thing being I only deal with the LSE and ETF’s.


Great idea Matt. Currently on my phone but will download tomorrow!

I just signed up to a TradingView pro account to give this a go, but unfortunately when I import the latest list, I just get a “Not okay” error.

Freetrade now has a lot more stocks than when I first wrote this (now around 3700) so this doesn’t work very well…

You’ll need to create 4 watchlists in TradingView and upload the contents of each file from here:

Amazing, thanks!

It would be great if you could tweak the watchlists so that each file contains 500 stocks.

I ask for this as if you want to run the watchlist through a TradingView stock screener the maximum number of stocks it can handle is 500. My workflow for screening is to import the stocks, then flag the ones you are interested in, and finally select the flag you are interested in in the screener. TradingView could be far better for analysing watchlists!