My setup

Just wondering what people think of my setup for looking up stocks, any suggestions on other things to add to make picking options easier?


I have something similar. This is my watchlist in Google Sheets:

I like using the SPARKLINE function to show the trend.


Looks great.

I have a similar watchlist for UK companies. I added a field called RVOL alert to monitor unusual volume activity that is current volume over average volume.



Would you be willing to share the template? I’d love something similar.


Sure, here’s a template: Watchlist template - Google Sheets


Very Bloomberg :sunglasses:

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Cheers for the sparklines idea, no idea that it could be that easy to create a graph haha, added that instantly.

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Thanks gonna try implement this version and add dividends to it. I’m such a novice at these stock spread sheets and how to pull the data. I literally just write in dollars how much I got (85% of div which is minus the 15% tax)

This is my sheet

Let me know what you guys think, and if I can improve it in anyway.


You have your positions shown in a bar chart, but also have a look at a pie chart or similar. Works well for me:


As a passive investor who focus more on ETFs, this looks ridiculously good. Thanks for sharing

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Anytime. Glad you really like it.

Ok so I must admit that I am new to all this but have been reading a lot over the last year or so in readiness to move over from roboinvestor to a more autonomous platform like Freetrade.

I am looking for an easy way to keep track of my portfolio allocation by geography and class if possible. I have tried using the link above and still cannot get to grips with it :grimacing:

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I’ve looked through quite a few tracking sheets and this one is by far the best I found.

So much so that I paid a donation to the creator for his or her work.

Although I’m not sure itll cater both geography and class it let’s you set your own categories in a single taxonomy so you can choose one or the other.

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Thanks for this I’m just taking a look at it now, so thanks for heads-up.

My portfolio will mainly be ETFs so I have also been eyeing up but I don’t know if that will integrate any stocks…

Thanks a lot.